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Call: 865-773-0244 To Schedule your FREE Consultation!

Call: 865-773-0244 To Schedule your FREE Consultation!

March Deals

Extending all month long.

Attention Men!

Did you know we often see men for body contour and other facial treatments?

Spring Smiles

Brighten your smile for Spring!


Inspired by our own desires and request of others to have accessibility to quality medical
spa services in the area and time-saving travel: our Vitality Spa came to life!

Vitality's neighboring medical office "Solace Health Professionals" brings to the Seymour area
and communities a welcome sight for the first of its kind in "Wellness & Medi Spa Services".

Experience the best in Esthetics, Hydration Therapy, Botox, Fillers, Acne Solutions,
Cool Sculpting, Weight Management Wellness, Cryo Therapy & so much more!

To help you regain the VITALITY you once had, schedule your appointment today!